Tribal Clash Part II – By Coach Mario

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It was 6.30am on the first day of the team events, as I lay in the tent, I could hear the growing sounds of the athletes chatting as the first light appeared. At 7am was a scheduled dip in the ocean for all athletes brave enough to take part. With our first Event only due to kick off at 10am we had plenty time to grab a good big breakfast and head over to watch the first 7 heats complete the first event. This was arguably the most valuable thing we could’ve done as we quickly noticed what worked and what didn’t in terms of strategy, although not entirely beneficial as it meant a few quick on the spot adjustments to plans we had set out beforehand. 10am was fast approaching as we headed over onto an area of the beach to warm up.

*Before the event breakdown, I would just like to mention that after having lived on the beach for a good 10+ years of my life, I was very aware of how difficult running on beach sand is, BUT I do feel the need to mention that these fine little stones were 1 million times heavier on the legs than any beach sand I had ever run on. Needless to say EVERY event included running.

Event 1 “FRANTIC”: 10 Mins (10am Start)

The time had officially come as we entered the arena for the first time as a team to compete. We had 2 minutes before the WOD to play around with the equipment and make a few final adjustments (this was GPP at its best). As we cued up waiting for the countdown I could feel the nervousness building within the team, a combination of not wanting to let the team down as well as wanting to do the best we could echoed within us. We were working as a unit but at the same time I could see the individual pride coming out of each athlete. 3…2…1… GO!!! The time was now…A brutal combination of 6 lap’s partner running, 50 thrusters, 50 over the bar burpees , 50 Pull ups on a thick Bar followed by as many Ground-to-Overhead with the remaining time as possible, we set off with a goal to get onto the Ground-to-Overhead(2 points for the Ladies,1 point for the guys), anything after that we thought would be a bonus. As time was called we had accumulated a total of 46 points on the GTOH, flat on our backs we took a moment to gather our thoughts and discuss what had just happened. Despite some early nerves we had demolished our target, but the feeling was that we still left a few reps behind in the arena. This was only to be expected as it was the first time we had worked together. Onto event 2…




Event 2 “SQUIRMISH” :15 Mins (12:45am)

Now that event 1 was out of the way we headed back to camp knowing that we had a few hours to go before event 2. We spent this time refueling and relaxing before heading down to the ocean edge to watch the first few heats to see what worked best. After 5 mins of watching this event, I knew one thing; this one would be a beast!!! 15 Minutes of Syncro Log squatting for the whole team, all while, each athlete took turns to run down a steep hill, into the water and swim around a buoy and return to the team. The squatting never ended for the full 15 minutes and the scores were judged on number of squats and number of swims completed. This has to be one of the most grueling, painful and mentally challenging WODS I have ever done. 6 swims, 200+ Squats and many team argument during the WOD, we ended in a heap on the floor, happy that it was over, yet our bond as a team got stronger then it had ever been.

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Event 3 “EIGHT BALL” : 8Mins (3:45pm)

The ATLAS STONES!!! After having mentioned so much about these damn things, the time had finally come. We were as nervous as ever due to the lack of experience we all in using the stones (which was a combine total of NOTHING at all!!!). We stepped into the arena with a game plan and had 2 minutes to try lift them. As the gun sounded we got settled into a rhythm, working word for word according to the plan. Being a rather small team I personally worried for this event, until the ladies turned up the heat on their Beast Mode and rocketed our total team tally, to finish in a position of 21st for the event. A very satisfying end to the day for Team Perpetua as we headed back to camp for some food and a shower.

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Firstly I must mention that this Competition had a total of 130 teams of 4, so consider this while reading the day 1 recap.

Following a great event 3 and some post workout dinner we got showered and chatted in the tent about how things had gone on the first day. Eagerly awaiting the overall positions to be totaled up we chatted about what would be a decent position. At the end of event 1 we had agreed that top 50(at the end of the competition) was something we would be super happy about and after getting a rough idea of our standings after event 1, we were in good pursuit of achieving it. Following a tough event 2 and amazing event 3, we were really unsure. Seated in the scoring tent, the sheets were printed, a brief scan through page 1 and nothing. Page 2, BOOM, there we were Thirty freaken Fourth(34th). Happy and shocked we headed off to bed.



A mass start including every athlete, this event was every man for him/herself, combining the total positions of each athlete to give a total team position. The plan of this for the team was that every athlete was going to decide their own game plan and try getting the best possible place. Although we all have different feeling about this one, I can only describe how it felt for me. With about a 1KM mass start along the beach we headed into the forest for a distance that was even unknown to the organizers (roughly 5Km), by which point the burn had begun in the legs. Running m
ostly single file we negotiated VERY steep rocky terrain, knee deep muddy trenches and a water crossing to name a few . After what felt like forever we turned a corner to face what seemed like the finish line, only to turn another corner and face 3 of the steepest hill climbs imaginable, back onto the beach, into the water along the beach and back into the water and onto the finish line. FINALLY IT WAS OVER.

We all got clean, mended a few broken bodies and head over to watch a few teams complete final event. (video of the start)

EVENT 5 “SLOGGER” : 15 Mins(12pm)

With the sun beating down on us, we carefully studied the teams before us, trying to learn what worked best. With an hour to go, we decided to just lie down and restore the batteries. Heading into the event with 1 injured athlete we needed to check our options and ensure we had a plan B in case things got bad. As we stepped into the arena it was clear that we were all pretty tired, but knew all we had was 15 minutes to go and it was all over. The Event consisted of Tire and Log Flips, run to the water and the all syncro dip under the water, run back, team walking lunges with a log and into wheelbarrow walks with the same log. It was at this point we lost one teammate as we completed the walks and head down to the water’s edge for a second dip. This was the hardest run in the universe, we reached the water, took the dip and headed back when the time ended. Flat on our backs and speechless we knew our job was done.

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Below I have included a link for you to view the event breakdowns

Post competition chats continued over some well deserved Mc Donalds, until we got home but the total feeling was a mixture of really happy but also upset that Day 2 of the Events didn’t go according to plan. Trying to guess our position was tough, as scores were not released and the general feeling was that we had the worst possible day 2, but we always felt we were in a shout for the top 50. Although everyone may have a slightly different opinion I knew we could’ve done much better, but I was also very proud of the character shown by the team. We had bonded through struggle in each event and it was evident at the end. We eagerly awaited the final results and as soon as they came out, I scanned the page to see Team Perpetua sitting at 35th. Super proud of the team, this was an amazing result in our first competition of this nature. I personally, learnt so much in how far I can push myself and also that even though at any point in a tough workout you may think things are not going your way and it’s really tough and you are doing badly. REMEMBER, the guy next to you is feeling exactly the same!!!

With all that said, I would like to congratulate the team and thank the backroom staff (Kelly and Sal) for putting up with our pain faces, our screaming and also supporting us through every Event. To everybody who wished us well, thank you very much.


Firstly to tell you all a little bit about what happened that weekend and also to point out that even though we were not the best in Europe or didn’t win, we had fun and that’s what we do this for.  As you all know we have the in-house throw down this weekend!!! Get involved if you are free and have fun. You may even be surprised with how you do, just as we were!!! 😉

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