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The word ‘trust” seemed like an appropriate topic to write my blog on this month. As some of you may know I recently had a new addition to my life in the form of a little furry friend named Daisy. I rescued Daisy about a month ago from Battersea Dogs Home. The thing that struck me straight away with her was the trust she had in me. As soon as I met her she rolled on to her back and offered me her belly (for rubs of course). For those of you who know anything about dogs this is their most submissive position. So to do this to me straight away showed a huge level of trust. She didn’t know me from anyone but I guess she sensed that I was not going to hurt her and her instinct said it would be alright. It took a few weeks for her to completely trust me but her walls came down and we are now best of friends. She now trusts me completely with almost anything I do with her.


So how does this relate to you guys and what has this to do with CrossFit? Quite a bit actually. Can you remember the first time you stepped into Perpetua? Who did you speak to? What did they say? Maybe you came in to try out a class or for an intro session. At some point you trusted the coach and trusted what we had to say. You used your basic instinct and judgement to decide if you would trust what we were saying and what we have to offer. You made a huge commitment to us and to yourselves when you paid for your fundamentals and then for your membership. Each time you turn up to class you confirm that trust and it only gets deeper as each week passes.

Trust is “the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of something or someone”. Trust is normally something that we develop. We as coaches believe in what we can offer you and believe in what we do here, but ultimately it is you that makes the final call on whether you choose to trust us. So you made your first decision in trusting us when you did your Fundamentals, You trusted that what we would teach you over 10 hours would give you the tools and the knowledge for class and to allow you to grow and develop as an athlete. I hope that this is still the case for most of you, otherwise I am sure you would have left by now!


One thing you may have heard us say is “trust the programming”. Don’t jump ahead of yourselves and bite off more than you can chew. Be patient and trust that the advice we give you really has your best interests at heart. A good example of this would be you trying to decide if you should be doing Base or Peak programming in class. The coaches meet once a week and go through the week’s programming in detail. We iron out any problems, queries, questions that we think may arise and we speak directly to Andy (who programmes for us) for an insight as to why we are doing particular movements or exercises etc. We prepare ourselves to the best of our ability so that we can give you the best advice possible. We are all experienced coaches, most of us with many years worth of experience. But if you have any doubts don’t be afraid to ask. After all, this is what helps build this trust between us all.


When I first started training with a coach, I asked myself some very basic questions.
– Did they empower rather than overpower me?
– Are they still learning / training?
– Do they put athletes first?
– Do they make the best even better?
– Do they constantly read/learn/want to better themselves?
With this in mind where do we go from here? It’s simple: “Trust your coach, trust the programming, commit to the programming and you will get the results that you desire”.

If you deviate, you won’t get the results you desire. If you don’t commit then you won’t reach your goals. I am not saying do not add in accessory work or additional exercises, as with most CrossFit gyms, our programming is for general fitness. If you have very specific goals, then talk to your coach and work out a plan on how to get this done. I know I can speak for all of the coaches at Perpetua, we believe in what we do and we believe in you guys. After all it’s your workout. We are here for you.

Coach Lexi

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