The TWO Most Effective Tricks to Getting Results in the Gym: (And before you get too excited, no the answer is not drugs.)

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Set clear goals! Write them down! Measure and track your progress using Train Heroic. Click here to get started!

It’s no secret – every single personal development, career development, financial development, sports performance program, health and fitness or weight loss programs all have one thing in common if they’re worth anything at all: they all start with GOAL SETTING and then have systems in place for measuring and monitoring progress towards the end goal. How in the heck do you know where you’re going if you don’t have a target in mind? And how do you know if you’re making any progress at all towards your goal(s) if you’re not measuring or keeping track of the metrics that will help you get there?

This is not a new idea, yet it’s still so under-utilized in all areas of life, but specifically I’m talking about your gym performance. The first trick to getting results is to WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS! If you really want a goal badly enough, you’ll write that goal down every day, first thing in the morning and review it and write it down again last thing before going to sleep at night. Maybe I’m abnormal, but that’s honestly my morning and bedtime ritual. Every day. Every ‘performance expert guru’ I’ve ever given any space to in my brain recommends a similar routine. Writing down my detailed specific priority goals DAILY has helped me *magically* drop 3 kg of body fat, finally snatch my body weight (or even slightly heavier), clean and jerk that 80 kilos I’ve been gunnin’ for for AGES, and has even helped get me started on a business trajectory that I have no doubt is going to be more fulfilling and financially lucrative than if I were to just continue to bounce around wherever life decides to push me. All from intentional, focused goal setting and daily review.

C’mon! This is easy, guys! Seriously.

So easy. It’s almost stupid NOT to do it.

Okay, so that’s Step #1 to getting results in the gym, sorted!  Now for the next crucial part of the trick to getting all the gains in the gym: RECORD YOUR WORKOUTS IN TRAIN HEROIC! If you are not signed up for this FREE app, click here for the easy to follow step-by-step instructions to sign up. I would say simply recording your workouts in whatever manner suits you, be it a notebook or whatever, is certainly better than nothing at all; HOWEVER, Train Heroic is a value added app we’ve adopted to help make your experience at Perpetua even MORE awesome than it already is! It’d be really great if you guys would get on board and start using it! The more engagement we have, the better the overall value we ALL get from it!

Here are just a few reasons WHY you need to be using Train Heroic:

  • Helps you monitor progress towards your goals!
  • Minimizes confusion of ‘what weight should I use?!’ You’ll have a record to base your workouts on! No more guessing and wasting time!
  • Leaderboard feature brings a competitive element for motivation and trash talkin’–ehrm–fun!
  • Leaderboard feature allows you to compare your results with other members across the gym
  • Easily view the workouts for the day or week – including specialty classes
  • Loads of TIPS and video links for reminders of key points of performance for each skill or movement
  • Interactive ‘Feed’ for community banter and general information and communication about the workouts
  • Provides useful data for Coach Andy to program effectively for the gym

Have your lifts plateaued? Perhaps tracking your workouts will provide clues: if you haven’t increased your weights in months, KNOW your numbers and focus on getting stronger! You can’t manage what you don’t measure and track.

At a MINIMUM you should be recording your major lifts: 1 Rep Max (1RM) and 3 Rep Max (3 RM) and maybe even 5 RM and 10 RM for your back squat, front squat, bench press, press, push press, deadlift, and record your current 1 RM snatch, clean, and jerk if you have them. You should also record all Benchmark workouts (any time a workout has a  name – like Jackie – or says ‘TEST’) and all competition day workout results. I repeat, this should be the MINIMUM that you should use Train Heroic for tracking your gym performance.

Most of us are attached to our phones all day anyway–it shouldn’t be difficult to enter your numbers to what’s already like an extension of your hand. Build it into your gym experience to create a habit: enter your scores while slurping down your recovery shake! Piggy-back it on something you already do. But most importantly – JUST DO IT!

Peace out, yo!


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