Upcoming Team Competitions @ Perpetua – Why YOU Should Sign Up

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So, the 3rd of October… D-day. We are holding a team Competition here at Perpetua. Followed by the John Mehigan Cup in November in London.  Both competitions are made up of 2 males 1 female.  You don’t need to have a team, just sign up and we will match you up with team mates!


So why compete and sign up?

  • Test Your Limits

I understand that not everyone considers themselves a competitive person. But there is more to these competitions than bragging rights between people, teams and classes. It is an opportunity to test yourself.

So Ryan… What do you mean test myself?” If you ask the majority of people in the gym that entered into the John Mehigan Cup or the last team Competition – I’d say 99% of people would tell you they push themselves further than they ever would in class. They either did something they never thought they could do. Or found out they could do a lot more than they thought. You’ll never know what you can actually do until you test yourself.

  • Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone should sign up for something that holds them accountable to show up and perform every couple of weeks. Whether it’s a 5k run, a CrossFit Competition or a talent show. It doesn’t matter what – the important thing is that you try the unknown. If it makes you nervous, that’s a good thing!

  • Add Purpose to Your Training

Being a part of a team will make you accountable to show up on the day and perform. You don’t want to let your team mates down. With that thought in the back of your mind, you may be inclined to show up for class 4 times a week instead of 3 or put more effort into your training.

  • Community

The team competitions in Perpetua are a lot of fun. You can ask anyone who took part last year. It is always great to meet the other members in the gym.


Also those of you who took part in the John Mehigan Cup in Dublin – we will be heading to London in November for the second fixture of the year. I would highly encourage getting involved on a team! For those that are interested in travelling we will be hosting competition prep sessions weekly. This will include a group coaching session once a week in your teams. We certainly won’t let them win this time!

Sign up via Zen for the in-house competition and look forward to seeing on October 3rd.

You can follow the Facebook event here.

Keep up to date with the John Mehigan Cup on the Facebook event page and sign up link here also.

Coach Conlan

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