"Varied not random" – meeting The Champ Rich Froning

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Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to be one of the selected few to meet the champ Rich Froning courtesy of BSN supplements.

The chance to hangout, question and train with the current three time defending champion of the Crossfit Games Rich.

As I arrived I was instantly greeted by the Big man he asked my name where I was from how long I’d been Crossfitting for then introduce me to his wife Hilary (much fitter).

I was surprised he was the same height as me, just thicker.. Everywhere…

BSN had a “nutrition presentation” showing us why you cannot live without supplements…. HA! Was interesting to hear how they explained that all of their products were, or at least could be an added advantaged to our Crossfit training. “BSN finish first”

Once that had concluded Rich came out and said “I am not a great speaker so this usually goes better if you just ask me questions…”


Here are a few:

Will you compete at the Crossfit Games next year?

“Yes, one more year solo then think I’ll go team (Crossfit mayhem) competing is a lotto sacrifice”


Do you ever have any idea what Dave Castro is thinking, does he ever ask you for ideas or give anything away?

No, that man keeps everything very close to his chest, even before the workouts only like 2-3 people know what’s coming everyone else is just doing what they are told until wefind out”


Do you really  train 3-5 times per day?

“Yes, sometimes more. If I cannot get a barbell on my hand or breathe less that is a very bad day for me, I get irritable and not nice to be around ask Hilary”


Do you spend a lot of time on Mobility?

“No, not really.  If it’s not bothering me I want touch it. If I’ve been on a plane or old injury like ankle plays up yeah sure but otherwise if it ain’t broken why fix it.

Best mobility you can Sonia sit at the bottom of a squat”


How do you Program for yourself?

“We (training partners and I) think about what have we done lately and what do we need to work on (strength and weaknesses for all)

Typical day some sort of met con WOD in the morning, strength at lunch and then another heavier Metcon in the afternoon”

Always some sort of squat twice a week the rest is Varied (not random) jus what ever we feel on the day looking at past workouts results.

I don’t like to have a plan too much ahead, coz if I don’t get it done or can’t hit the weights it stresses me out and I still want it to be fun.

Kind of use myself as a test dummy for training see what works, if it works I’ll keep it in there if not drop it.


What are you strengths and weaknesses if any?

“Strengths – Olympic Lifting

Weaknesses as we saw in the pool swimming, and running currently done more nowin the last month then I did all last year before the games.

Generally the longer events like the Row, the burden run just boring mentally you just check out, so that’s what I need to work on. Jason Khalipa is great at them can stay focus and just get work done just Grunt work.”


Had you done any Olympic lifts had you done any prior to Crossfit?

“No. Zero. I never really ever squatted before Crossfit.”


Would you ever consider going to Olympics for weightlifting?

I don’t know if I could dedicate all my time to just those 2 lifts (Clean & Jerk & Snatch)

My numbers are not great for Olympic Lifting but pretty goo for Crossfit.

I think I would get bored but then again that is another challenge…”

Current Bests

Clean & Jerk = 170kg

Snatch = 140kg


Do you eat a lot of peanut butter??

“My diet is pretty clean throughout the day but at night if I feel like ice cream I’m. Or going to kill myself to not have icecream..  I do drink a lot of milk (one week I had 7 gallons to myself)”


What your best times for getting better at Olympic lifting and stronger (programming)?

On the Minute

“I always do a lot of On the Minute training, found it’s the best to lock in technique and get stronger. Singles, Triples or even 5’s on the minute gives you volume and time under tension on the Olympic lifts and strength in the squat etc. Always working on perfect form.”

“Currently following Catalyst Olympic Lifting program 12 weeks cycle (longest cycle ever tried to follow, see if I can stick with it)”


When will you have Froning babies?

When competition slows down and am no longer competing individually, it’s a BIG sacrifice to compete individually every year.


WORKOUT – off the top of his head Rich wrote this

In teams of 3:

15min AMRAP

Run 400m

Max Squats

Max Burpees

One athlete at each station, rotate after each completed 400m run accumulative total of reps.

Trying to keep up with champ, perfect form he didn’t stop!!

Although self admits his running needs work I did manage to pass him on the runs 3 times.

However his air squats – upright torso, knees out UNSTOPPABLE.

As you’d expect from the champ.


Once we were done was able to capture a photo with the champ and Jami. Then a few for the box 😉

Was a great day with the champ, varied but not random…


Coach Rusty



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