Want to get the most out of your time at CFSL? Live by these rules…

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As you have seen from our Facebook page, we have loads of new people joining us at CFSL – welcome to the party guys! With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to put out a post on CFSL’s Box Rules. Want to get the most out of your time at CFSL? Live by these rules.

x Maria

Crossfit South London

1. Keep it clean

I don’t know about you guys, but the box is my home away from home. And although I’m not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination, I try to keep both my flat and the box as tidy as possible. Clean up after yourself kids. We are your coaches, not your parents and there is nothing worse then finishing the 8 pm class and having to put away abandoned kit and throw away used tape (EWWW) that people have left behind. There was one morning where I came in and there were enough half-empty bottles of water to fill a pool! Put away your kit when you’re done, and throw away your bottles if you’re no longer using them. If you’re getting water from the water cooler, take the lid off your bottle so you don’t spill all over the place and if you do, ask someone for paper towels. Take your protein shakers home and WASH THEM. Day-old protein shake is gross. Week-old protein shake requires a special team of highly-trained HAZMAT professionals to dispose of.

Respect your box, respect your equipment. Training in a tip is no fun.

NB The coaches are just as guilty of this as the athletes. Tsk, tsk coaches.

2. Be on time

We have a lot of information we want to pass on to you guys in a relatively short space of time. Much of this information, including the structure of the day’s WOD, warm-up and strength pieces, any additional tips and information, forthcoming events, and even introducing new faces, is often done in the first 10 minutes of the class. So it is imperative that you show up on time. Hell, why not show up 10 minutes early?? Have a chat with some of your fellow athletes, ask the coach any questions you have about the WOD, get yourself changed / taped / mentally prepared etc.

3. Be considerate of the classes happening before and after yours

I love seeing people come in early or stay late to work on their goats. Whether it’s some extra strength assistance work for pull-ups, running through muscle-up progressions or working your mobility, the extra time shows dedication and with dedication comes inevitable improvement and there is nothing I want more than to see you guys improve and excel.

However, when you’re hitting these extra bits, please be sure that you’re not doing them in the middle of the room when a class is going on, or that you’re not taking up space on the rig that is needed by someone in the class. Not sure if you’ll be in the way? Ask a coach if they need the space that you’ll be using and we’ll be more than happy to find a way to accommodate you.

4. Listen to your coaches

The coaches at CFSL work hard to give you as many resources, tips and cues to help you perform to the very best of your ability. Also as your coaches, we have seen you move, we have seen you train, we know your strengths, we know what you still need to work on and we know what we want you to get out of each workout. We can see the big picture. So if we ask you to try something different, try it. If we ask you to scale, scale. One of the things that makes CrossFit so powerful is that each session is coached. Take advantage of this!

5. Cheer on your fellow athletes

The best classes I’ve coached and / or taken part in have been the ones with crazy energy. Everyone is psyched, shouting, giving it their all. Do you know what creates this energy?? The athletes cheering each other on. Shout for your partner, your team, or the person working next to you. When you’ve finished, don’t start packing up to head home, shout for the people that are still fighting to get to that last rep. Because in the next WOD, it could be you that needs the encouragement and nothing makes you push harder than someone cheering you on.

6. Don’t be afraid to scale

You must run before you can fly, walk before you can run, crawl before you can walk. Everyone must start somewhere, and sometimes that somewhere is as light as a dowel rod or a training bar and THAT IS FINE. If a 20 minute AMRAP with 10 x 40 kg push press is on the board and your 1 RM is 40, Rx-ing the workout will not give you the benefits that we want you to get.

When you are getting ready, pick a weight or movement that is challenging yet maintainable for the entirety of the WOD. If you have any questions on how to scale or what weight or movement you should be doing, ask a coach (preferably before the 10 second warning is called out!)

7. Don’t cheat your reps

Just don’t. Whether it’s mis-counting or not hitting movement standards, seriously. Don’t do it. If you’re not sure if you’ve done the correct amount of reps, or not sure that you hit depth in your squat, do another. It will only serve to benefit you as an athlete. People don’t care if you finish first in every WOD, but they will care if you finish first in every WOD and they noticed that you’ve been missing the last 5 reps of every round.

8. Introduce yourself to people you don’t know

Say hi, ask them how they started CrossFit, ask them their zodiac sign, whatevs! There are many new faces around and the more people that start CrossFitting with us, the more important our community becomes. Also, if you know their name, it will make it a lot easier to follow Rule No. 5…


Pat Sherwood said it best:

“The goal is just to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. RELAX, HAVE FUN, WORKOUT”

(And no, the tenth Rule is not missing. I decided to only give 9 Rules, because 10 Rules is just oh-so-predictable)

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