Welcome to the Newest Members of the Perpetua Team!

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We would like to give a warm Perpetua Welcome to the newest members of our Coaching Team!
Many of you will recognise member Nikki from around the gym! Nikki has recently joined our Apprenticeship program here at Perpetua.
Noel is also joining us here as an Oly Lifting Coach. He will be running the Barbell Club here at Perpetua.
Say Hi when you see them around the gym!

Meet Nikki

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Apprentice Coach

Nikki is originally from Hungary. She moved to Dublin 4 years ago to start a new career. As a flight attendant with Ryanair she could not do any training as the working hours were so long, so her level of fitness was vastly reduced and her body was like “a big sponge”!  Nikki’s background is in competitive swimming – training 7 hours daily for 13 years. So for Nikki – not doing any training was an absolute disaster!
Nikki quickly got back into fitness and started working out at a gym. She quickly got addicted to it and did her fitness certificate in March 2014. By June 2014 she was working as a personal trainer.  Since then Nikki has been continuously investing in her fitness career to keep improving – completing several courses such as pilates, spinning, TRX and all the LesMills classes.
However, she was still missing something. Then, Nikki found CrossFit.
“The continuous challenge. You can’t do pullups? No problem. CrossFit will teach you to be able to do pullups. Then kipping pullups. Butterfly pullups. Muscle ups. There is always something new to learn. To gain ability. Your body can do everything, you just have to teach it how.  In my experience CrossFit can help you regain an ability that you used to have and also train new ones that you never had. Whatever your goal is or what you want to reach…with CrossFit, you can do it. And CrossFit Perpetua provides the tools for you with the best coaches, a superb facility and a great community.”  – Nikki

Meet Noel


Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Noel has been involved in weightlifting for nearly five years now and is currently studying strength and conditioning at LIT. He has competed at a national and an international level and continues to compete regularly.
He co-created the LIT weightlifting club and has been the head coach for the past two years. He has also personally coached a number of weightlifters and powerlifters from youth to master’s level, some of which have competed at a regional, national and international level. Noel is a certified personal trainer, has his Weightlifting Ireland level 1 and is also certified in functional screening, among other things.
As a specific weightlifting coach, Noel will tailor programs towards each athlete’s specific weaknesses and as a strength and conditioning coach, Noel will also address certain mobility/stability issues within each specific athlete to prevent injuries and improve movement patterns.

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