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We want to welcome one of our newest apprentices – Marcus Hide.  Many of you may have already seen him around the gym.  We are delighted to have Marcus as part of the team here at Perpetua. Here is some information on Marcus to date.

Marcus Hide

When I was younger struggled through a number of injuries from rugby . These injuries included damage to the long thoracic nerve and serratus anterior, torn ligaments, rotator cough tendentious and a posteriorly lax shoulder, among a few more. Due to poor advice and male bravado I (stupidly) played through these injuries for the start of the season, which worsened the severity of the injuries. Due to this I was side-lined from the sport without a return date. I was advised to undergo surgery however due to personal reasons I chose to go down the rehab route. This rehab took a huge amount of discipline moving from my enthusiasm to get stronger, bigger and more powerful to spending hours with a resistance band, progressing to a 1kg dumbbell. Through this experience I really developed a huge interest in how the body works and decided to study this further by putting Sports and Exercise Management, in UCD, first on my CAO. From my 3 years here I learned a whole lot about how the body responds to exercise, nutrition for performance, the benefits of exercise, prevention and management of injuries and much more. I also had the opportunity to complete my thesis on supplement use and its correlation to both exercise and supplement knowledge.

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Towards the end of my final year in college I started training in Crossfit Dublin. It is here where I really understood the importance of movement, being as mobile as a second hand truck. After finishing college I spent the summer in Boston where I worked, shadowed, trained and learnt in Crossfit Boston. This was a fantastic experience, especially getting to work with their Olympic lifting coach as due to my mobility issues these lifts were all new to me. When I returned to Ireland I furthered my knowledge of this by attending a Crossfit Weightlifting Trainer course.

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