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I think most of you all know me by now, due to the fact that I have basically hung around at the box for the last 12 months, sometimes 2, even 3 times a day! You are also most likely aware that I have passed my level 1 and become 1 of Ozzie’s (James’s) apprentices and why I am at the box (even) more, giving coaching cues and wearing more Perpetua branded apparel.

If you don’t know me my real name is Adam (I know who knew), I also go by the name of Gilesy, which I quite like (hence the tattoo) or “Terry” as Pricey has dubbed me and will only refer to me as.

Other fun facts: I have worked in the mobile industry for the last 10 years, at Nokia, Microsoft and Samsung. I have done all kinds of jobs from sales and soft skills training to marketing and video presenting. (Thank you Will Couch for sharing that last one!)

I am into a vast array of sports including ice hockey, NFL, Rugby, football…..and so on, meaning I quite like a bit of friendly competition. 🙂

Why am I trying to move away from that career is a question I have been asked and I wanted to mention it here. I have been blown away by CrossFit and what it can do for people and in particular Perpetua’s brand of delivering that to others. As a result I am really keen to pass on what I have been exposed to and continue to build Perpetua along with the Ozzie and the rest of the wicked team at the box.

For those of you that did know all of that, thanks for being supportive and helping me with advice and feedback so far it has meant a lot!!
I look forward to getting more involved soon!


CrossFit Level 1

What is your athletic background?
Junior & Rec Ice Hockey, Senior Inline Hockey, Junior Rugby & Football

Why do you want to coach and educate people?
Mainly because I like to help people and also feel there is a need to help educate others around health & fitness as there is a lack of support for many at school and through out life. It’s also cool seeing people doing things they thought were impossible!

What is favourite and least favourite CF workout?
Favourite: I have wanted to do Linda for a while, think that might be the 1.
Least favourite: Anything with handstand push ups, JT was pretty grim!

Why Crossfit Perpetua?
Since I joined a year ago it has felt like home, I have been given so much from this place and met some amazing people! Was more a question of when not why!

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