Welcome to the Newest Member of the Perpetua Team – Mike Lee!

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Welcome to the newest member of the Perpetua Team – Mike Lee!

About Mike:

Behind every athlete is an exceptional coach.

I’ve always strived to bring out the best in those around me, be it friend circles, training partners, or the folk I coach.

Making the move to Perpetua was an easy choice for me; it was everything I was looking for in a gym and surprised me with so much more. They highlight the importance of becoming an efficient, injury free, movement machine.

Crossfit unlocked sides of fitness for me that I never thought possible. Although my gymnastics was already a strong point going into Crossfit, I have become stronger and quicker which improves not only my strong points but my weaknesses as well!

Olympic lifting is now one of my biggest passions having never performed a lift prior to starting Crossfit. Now I find myself in the position where I could be going to the British Weightlifting Championships in the next couple of years!

All I hope for the people I coach, the people that learn from my experiences, is that they take away half the passion I have for fitness. If they can do that, they’ll unlock potential within themselves they never thought possible.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your body and mind, Perpetua has what you’re looking for.

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