Well done and Thanks CFP!

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A MASSIVE well done to all the athletes and coaches who supported the 1 million kg challenge on Saturday. Everyone there can now appreciate just how much effort is required to keep those 100,000 kg milestones ticking over – the final result of 669,127 kg is definitely something to be proud of … and sets us up nicely for another attempt at a future date.


At full flow there was no room in the box, people were having to lift weights outside in the sun, Corey was pumping out the tunes, the BBQ was sizzling and the scores were stacking up. A fantastic testament to the awesome spirit at CrossFit Perpetua. Did anyone else weirdly enjoy that hour long WOD!??

The real figure that matters is how much we raised for the cancer charity – I know many of you donated via text on the day, which will be credited to the charity account in due course, but please, please check out https://www.justgiving.com/TheArcticIV/ and be generous. We have a big target! A big thank you to James who made a very generous donation on Saturday.

Big mentions must go to Toby and Matt, who went rep for rep and ended up lifting 36,610kg and 31,388kg – to put that in perspective that equals the weight of The NASA Space Shuttle (or 19 Hippos if you prefer). Also to Fran for being top girl with 12,714kg – achieved early in the day, and also to Jonny who lifted 12,290kg basically in the first hour on his own before anyone else arrived!


Finally, if anyone missed out on a t-shirt and would still like one please let Rich Gibbs (richjgibbs@yahoo.co.uk) know asap as we will be putting in a further order soon.



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