Whole Life Challenge Comes To An End…

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Saturday the 14th of March officially marked the beginning of a new chapter for many Perpetua athletes. It was officially the last day of a 56 day challenge that allowed everyone who entered, to introduce lasting change in their lives.

After lots of excitement from the coaching team about the Whole Life Challenge, 59 people signed up, all with different goals but with the same desire to succeed. A 56 Day challenge designed to make lasting changes in our lives. After two weeks great weeks the team spirit was high. Daily Reflections and weekly tasks were the foundation with which the encouragement was built upon and for many of us, the glue that kept everything together. Providing a guideline to nutrition made for a few eye opening realizations but the general feedback was that the transition was an easy one as many food items had an “allowed” alternative

The leader board had a competitive feel to it and was providing the exact motivation that everyone needed. Multiple meets were set up during the challenge as well as many one to one chats with members and coaches with the feedback was always being the same, everyone was not only looking better but feeling better too. More energy, weight loss and better sleeping were all resulting symptoms of the challenge.

On Day 1 a fitness test was run and body measurements were taken in order to correctly assess improvements made throughout the challenge. After an eye opening 56 days, one final meet was set up on the last day, with the participants of the challenge set to undergo a fitness test as well as take measurements in order to sum up any overall improvements. The results were outstanding and surpassed everyone’s initial thoughts.

Such an example of the kind of results achieved was the overall winner of the Challenge Christina Duffy, with her report from an accurate body measurement scan below:


Christina lost a staggering 7kg of body fat whilst adding half a kilo of lean mass. All accurately measured by Bodyscan DEXA!

The Final leader board


Prizes were awarded as follows:
1st Overall Winner – Christina Duffy
2nd Biggest Contribution – Marcus Leaver
3rd Simeon Callis & Rob Honeywood

Final massive congratulations must go to all the athletes who took part in the challenge and for those of you who did not; there is always the next one. This is certainly the best thing to get involved in if you are looking to make lasting changes to your current lifestyle habits.



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