WODs announced for 1 Million Kg Throwdown

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The initial WODs have been announced for Saturday’s 1 Million KG Throwdown, and guess what … there’s a lot of Ground to Overhead. We think you’ll agree there’s some tasty stuff in there.

Speaking of tasty stuff, remember to bring some meat for the BBQ which will be fired up after classes. You’ll need the fuel!

  1. Class Surprise WOD
    This will cover the morning classes and will be revealed on Saturday morning at the box.
  1. Partner WOD
    5 Rounds of:
    2 mins Med Ball Slams (9/4 kg)
    1 min rest
    * Alternate each rep between partners 
  1. For Time: 
    Single Arm DB Snatch (15/10kg)
    15 left arm

    15 right arm
     30 double unders
    12 left arm
    12 right arm
    30 double unders
    9 left arm
    9 right arm
    30 double unders
  1. Partner WOD:
    7 min AMRAP
    Plate GTOH
  1. 10 min EMOM:
    5 Power Snatch (40/30kg)
    60 Mins ascending ladder to lift maximum weight:
    Min 1 – 1 Clean & Jerk
    Min 2 – 2 C&J
    Min 3 – 3 C&J
    Min 4 – 4 C&J
    Min 5 – 5 C&J
    Min 6 – Back to 1 C&J
    …… and so on for 60 mins. NB – weight can change as you go through the minutes.

That should get a few hundred thousand KGs on the board … and stand by for more if needed!

REMEMBER: This is a charity event so please stick your hand in your pocket and give generously:


Or Text “CNCR15 £5” to 70070

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