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My CrossFit Open Experience

This time last year I was competing in Hungary in Modern Pentathlon. Now I’ve just finished my first Crossfit Open and life is very different to one year ago. I’ve always admired the Open, Regionals and Games, watching as an outsider as athletes of all levels pushed boundaries and hit personal bests. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Open, I knew there would be tough workouts and I thought there would be a decent atmosphere with the community there cheering each other on. To an extent I got what I expected but also much, much more!

Dave Castro would release the workouts in the early hours of Friday morning Irish time and we would wake up to see what he had in store for us. 15.1 was a nice little workout for me, then he surprised us all (slightly) with 15.1a and the CrossFit Open entered a new Era with high skills early in workouts and a 1RM test.
The excitement and comradery far exceeded my expectations. CrossFit Perpetua’s Friday Night Lights was packed from week 1 right through to week 5, with weekly sponsors, personal bests and each individual pushing the other on showing that there is also a teamwork element to this individual event. Friday Night Lights didn’t stop in the gym though as we would all head to The Bath and socialise with some Base pizza and drinks. I love pizza. Work hard and eat pizza.

I loved doing my workout at Friday Night Lights competing with others and having a crowd have people push me through a workout to gain the extra reps that don’t happen when you are on your own. The most enjoyment however came when I was judging. As much as the judges job is to decide on good reps or no reps, I got a lot of enjoyment from experiencing the personal bests of many of the members. Some of those personal bests came in the form of a first pull up or muscle up, or in 15.1a when one athlete’s poor maths skills meant they didn’t realise they just hit a 5kg Clean & Jerk PR until I pointed it out. The biggest personal best I think that most of us gained from the open was a mental one. We learn a lot about ourselves in those 3-20min workouts and the achievements from those 5 Friday nights is something to be proud of and carry in to our everyday lives.

I don’t think there are enough words I can put on this page to describe my Open experience but I will miss that excitement of waiting in anticipation for Dave Castro’s 2015 Open workout and then spending a few hours with a great bunch of people pushing the bodies harder than they realised they could. The CrossFit Perpetua community is amazing and to all who turned up over the past 5 weeks, thank you for your hard work and being part of a great experience for me! 2016 is going to be even better, we will be bigger, faster, stronger and there will be even more pizza.

Coach Conor


Note: Conor was injured during Friday Night Lights and couldn’t complete the WOD…. he returned to the gym alone at 10pm on Monday night to complete 15.5! Solid effort!

Taking a look back at the open I think we can all agree it was a great 5 weeks, we all experienced ups and downs no matter what level we are at. We all come out of this knowing our weaknesses and where we need to improve.

15.1 – How’s your grip?! Nice pairing here of 15.1a and 15.1b. After that week we have had a massive increase in our Oly class with so many PB’s hit that night. Great to see people using the speciality classes to up their skills.

15.3 – Brought us some great specials, from members hitting 1 muscle up for the first time and for some hitting 7+ for the first time.

15.5 – Some of us saw what it looked like inside a rabbit hole for the first time. DARK!!! Not sure I’ve seen a workout that has grounded so many people. Me included!! We all preferred some weeks to others, whether it be your strength, skills, if you’re tall or small – it was fair to most and if it was easy why would we do it!!

It was great to see everyone turnout to support or compete over the 5 weeks, we have such a great supportive community here at Perpetua.

Congratulations to all who completed the Open here at Perpetua and to all outside of our box, we all come out of this better than we went in and it will only push us to get better physically and mentally.

Coach Dave

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