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I thought id take a minute to share with you the most satisfying moment of my career so far.. It comes from a paleo challenge i ran 2 months ago.. Throughout the challenge i found the main focus of the challenge for most people was weight loss.. I had started the challenge in an attempt to educate people on the benifits of paleo eating in relation to health.. in conjunction with the regular class people doing the paleo challenge i encouraged the women’s class which i recently took over(2 months ago) to try it.. i would like to focus now on one person in particular to tell you a story of a women who has changed her life….!!!! Sounds dramatic but keep reading and see the results for yourself……
Karen O Neill in the womens class has lived with the condition lupas for the past ? years… She embraced the idea of trying to eat paleo in an attempt to beat back the condition.. I never spoke of curing it but always passionatlly believed that i could reduce the medicine dossage karen would have to take daily.. A routine that frequently made her feel physically nausious.. At this point i would like to point out how it made me embarrasssed to complain of being too tired or not bothered training.. Here was someone who felt nausious through a genuine sickness and was my most frequent attendee to class giving it her all..Never once complaining .( well to me anyway).. Poor Donal was probably getting an earful…(Donal is a CFD Townie) .. You may think its off the point but she deserves recognition for that level of mental and physical strenght.. Its changed my attitude to ” Do it because you can”..
Anyway back to the meds.. Karen recently went for one of her check ups and tests and the results are mind blowing even to the Doctors.. One of her prescriptions has been removed. One that had a side effect of a yellowing of the skin.. Her white blood cell count has gone from 0.1 to 4 which is a lifetime high..She lost 8 kg of fat as per her dexa scan through a diet of eating more..Yes eating more and losing weight.. All her major lifts have increased along with a hugh boost to her energy levels.. Karen told me she was out 2 nights last weekend till the wee hours when usually she would be in bed early or very tired by 9.30…One of those nights she was dragged kicking and screaming from slats..!!! Big hello to all who blacked out on that night of carnage..!!! Felt like i was amongst friends….
So I said at the start that it has changed her life.. So now do you agree..?? Reduced meds, increased lifts, weight loss, lifetime high white blood cell count,increased energy levels in her training and her social and family life.. So on that note im saying that we havent forgotten about all you other CFD ers out there.. In january Myself and Lynda are running a Paleo challenge/scientific experiment.. Lynda is as passionate and dedicated to receeding sickness through diet.. She runs a cancer clinic every wednesday to promote and educate cancer sufferes on diet and sugars relationship with spliting cancer cells.. Turns out shes not just a pretty blond..!! Big fat brain in that head..!! If you are interested in taking part we are willing to give our time at no cost.. But please dont waste our time. We will always help with people who are committed..Myself and Lynda have spent 100’s of unpaid hours on nutrition research and are willing to share some knowledge to people who are open minded and want to listen and learn… Contact myself or Lynda and get on board..Paleo challenge =live longer
I will finish on a business note.. We recently had our anual coaches meeting and the resounding topic was increased professionalism and facility improvements.. But the biggest and most important topic was community.. You may have noticed our efforts to bring you closer as a group.. The reason for this is simple.. I believe that the functional training we are trying to promote in cfd along with the paleo lifestyle is for life.. This is not zumba dancing or body pump.. We are not selling the atkins or any other bullshit diet.. To tie in to this we all agreed as coaches that we needed to offer our members an affordable present for there parents. So we agreed on a 50 percent discount on CF women and senior men.. To spend 100 euro on changing someones life is nothing.. You may think that this was some selfless attempt to sell vouchers.. But the reality is i dont personnally sell bullshit..!! Or have any time in my life for lies and bullshit.. The truth is instead of buying them another shit dressing gown and slippers or a dundrum voucher get them something REAL…!!
My mother and Michael & Dave’s parents are coached by myself and Al.. There is nobody in the world that myself and the lads want to see live longer healthier and happier..
I wrote this after Karen told me her results and without sounding too gay about it it gave me that warm satisfied feeling inside.. When i told Al about it in the gym he said” thats worth more then any amount of money’…. I agree..Sometimes its the simple things in life..
So on that note I wish Karen,Donal and there kids a smashing christmas… You are now are member of the year..!!( a catagory i just invented).. So here’s to 2013 i hope you all see this piece i wrote for what it is..? A piece of christmas cheer…!!
Love always and a happy christmas to all my CFDers
P.s even though i sound a sappy im still HARDCORE..!!




4 sets of
Front Squat 3-4 @21×1

Rest 3-4 mins

3 Rounds
15 2 for 1 Wallballs – add 1 squat between every wall ball shot. Ball can’t touch the ground
15 Hang Power Cleans 50/35

Level 2 40/25 Reg Wall Balls
Level 1 30/15



Three sets of:
press 4-5 reps @ 20X1
Rest 20 seconds

Dynamic clapping Push-Up x 4-6 reps or push up progression x10
Rest 3 minutes


Against a two-minute running clock, complete the following: 300 row , burpees x Max Reps Complete a total of four sets, and rest exactly 2 minutes between sets.


2 reps on EVOM for 10 min @ 75% of 1rm

Squat Clean Thruster 50/35
50 Double Unders

L2 40/25. ,30 Double Unders
L1 30/15), 20 double under attempts or 100 Single Unders


Rope Climb

5 Rounds
15 Box Jumps 30,24″
10 Alternating Pistols
5 Muscle-ups

L3- 2 Muscle ups
L2- 10 Chest to bar pull-ups, (24 20)
L1- 10 reg pull-ups, (24,20)

Adv add 1 rope climb at the end of each round


4sets :
Push-press x5

Rest 2-3 mins

100 Burpees
1 Clean and Jerk 70/50

Level 2- 75 Burpees 60/40
Level 1- 50 Burpees 45/30
Adv 80/60


5 rounds, each individually timed of:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 Squats
3 min rest between each round

Level 2 – 4 Rounds
Level 1- 3 Rounds 10-20-30-40

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