Workouts for the Week

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Monday 18th

4 sets
Deadlift x 6 reps
Rest 20 secs
Push Ups x 10 reps
Rest 2-3 mins between sets

EMOM 15mins
Min #1: Front Squat x 10 reps 50/35
Min #2: Pull Ups x 10 reps
Min #3: Weighted Anchored Sit Ups x 10 reps 15/10kg plate

Bar comes from the floor NO missed reps

Wednesday 20th

5 sets

OHS Squat x 3-4 reps @ 20×1
Rest exactly 2 mins between sets

3 rounds:

Against a running clock complete in 4 mins:
Plate OH walking lunges x 20 reps 10/5kg
Run 400m
AMRAP Burpees in remaining time

REST 4 mins between sets

*Score is total amount of burpees

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