Workouts for the Week

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Strength – Upper Press
Bench Press
Set 1: x 3 reps
Set 2: x 2 reps
Set 3: x 1 rep
Set 4: x 1 rep
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

5 x 5

Four rounds for max reps of:
60 seconds assault bikes
60 seconds Push-Ups
60 seconds Strict Pull-Ups
60 seconds of Rest


Strength – Lower Lunge + Midline
Three sets of:
Front-Racked Alternating Lunges x 8-10 reps each leg @ 2011
Rest 60 seconds
Turkish Get-Ups x 2-3 reps each arm
Rest 60 seconds
Side Planks x 30-45 seconds each side
Rest 90 seconds


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Dumbbell Weighted Burpees x 3 reps
Alternating Dumbbell Rows from the Plank x 5 reps (each arm)
Dumbbell Thrusters x 7 reps
Rest two minutes and then repeat.


Oly lifting
Five sets of:
Snatch Balance + 3 Overhead Squats
Rest 2 minutes between sets;

For time:
50/35. Power Snatch x 12 reps
30/24″” Box Jumps x 12 reps
50/35. Power Snatch x 9 reps
30/24″ Box Jumps x 9 reps
50/35. Power Snatch x 6 reps
30/24″ Box Jumps x 6 reps
Run 600 Meters


Five sets of:
Back Squat x 2-4 reps @ 30X1
Rest 60 seconds
Single-Arm Dumbbell Row x 12-15 reps @ 2111
Rest 2 minutes

For time:
Row 1000 Meter
followed immediately by . . .
Three rounds of:
Double-Unders x 30 reps
Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps
Handstand Push-Ups x 10 reps


Freaks on Friday


Five sets of:
Against a 3 minute running clock, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:
20 Pull-Ups
30 Push-Ups
40 Sit-Ups
50 Squats
Rest 3 minutes between sets, and pick up the next set where you left off.

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