Workouts for the Week

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Monday 15th

5 Rounds
4-6 Strict Handstand Push ups or 8-10 DB shoulder press
Rest 90secs
2-3 Strict Muscle Ups or 4-6 pull ups or 8-10 Ring Rows
Rest 90secs
10 Pistols each leg

Wednesday 17th

5 sets
Behind the Neck Press
Rest 90secs
4-6 Weighted Pull up or Strict Pull up or weighted Ring Row
Rest 90secs

Accumulator – goal is to accumulate most amount of time in each movement, rest as needed and maintain position.

0-4 mins
Handstand, Wall Climb to HS or Plank
4-8 mins
Hang from the Rig
8-10 mins
Side Plank – each time you drop change sides

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