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April programming notes

 So the open is done and in a way I’m happy to get back to some training rather than hopper testing. We all had great time at FNL and we look forward to the 2015 open season .So the focus Aprils programming is Firstly Develop the Squat both BS and FS plus tempo single leg work to balance out the left and right sides. Secondly we will seeing the Snatch weekly, broken down in to Snatch complexes, clusters and testing. And thirdly we will now see Freaks on Friday return with the coach’s alternating week to week in prescribing a Benchmark/hero/Pervious games WODS. You can have word in your coach’s ear if there is something you really want to see. No promises but worth a try.

 As always we try to develop a program that caters for all , which builds athletic bodies and a board general fitness with no stone left unturned. If you have any questions on programming please contact your coach for advice and any extra work you might need that is not programmed enough for your liking or needs.



Oly – development
Five sets of Snatch – complex
1- snatch
1- hang snatch
1- overhead squat
1- snatch balance 

For time:

1000 Meter Row
20 Power Clean and Jerk (60/40kg)
30 Box Jumps

40 Burpees


Strength – Squat Test
Front Squat @ 20X1

* Set 1 – 50% of possible 1-RM x 5 reps

* Set 2 – 75% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps
* Set 3 – 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 4 – 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 – Test 1-RM

* Set 6 (optional) – Exceed Set 5 weigh
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets


Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
7 Handstand Push-Ups

7 Trusters (42.5/30kg)
7 Toes to Bar


Perpetua 2015 Benchmark. 

“Ten-Minute Capacity Test”
For Max Reps (or Calories):

4 minutes of Rowing (for Calories)
Rest 60 seconds
3 Minutes of Pull-Ups

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes of Bodyweight Back Squat (3/4 Bodyweight Back Squat for Females)
(the barbell may begin from a rack during this portion of the test)

Rest 60 seconds

1 Minute of 60/40kg. Shoulder to Overhead 
(the barbell must originate from the ground to begin your set – you may not use a rack at any point during this 60 seconds)

We complete this at the start of every quarter throughout 2015.


Strength – Upper Pressing + Pulling

Four sets of:
Bench Press x 2-4 reps @ 20X1

Rest 90 seconds

Ring Rows x 8-10 reps @ 2111
(get your body as horizontal as possible and stay rigid throughout the movement – tight butt and gut!)

Rest 90 seconds

In three minutes, complete the following:
20 Kettlebell Swings

Run 400 Meters
Double-Unders x Max Reps

Score the number of double-unders completed in each set, for a total of three sets. Rest three minutes between sets.


Freaks on Friday . Its back people 😉


Team “Chief”
Against a five-minute running clock, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

60/40kg. Power Cleans x 3 reps
Push-Ups x 6 reps

Air Squats x 9 reps

In teams of three, partners alternate to complete whole rounds. After each 5 minute AMRAP, teams will rest one minute and then do another 5 minute AMRAP. The cycle will repeat for 5 rounds. Your goal is to get the same score on each round. Your overall score is a total number of reps completed throughout the entire workout.


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