You Are Better Than You Think You Are

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Be positive.

I was recently at a friends Thanksgiving dinner and partook in the tradition of ‘giving thanks’. Going around the table each person said one thing they were thankful for. What really struck me while thinking of all things I am thankful for (I said a job I love and my girlfriend) was that actually the list could be endless yet I hadn’t stopped to think about all the positives around me. This also made me think of the gym, and how in the pursuit of constant improvement we are always thinking about what needs to be changed or tweaked or altered in the never ending journey that is Crossfit. While this is really important to keep aiming higher and pushing further, taking a moment every now and then to think about all the GOOD things you are already doing is also really important. What are the positives you already have? Is it a killer squat, a great snatch or a kickass attitude? Thinking positively about what we are capable of gives us the confidence to realise that a lot of what we believe we can’t do we actually can. If we bank the good stuff, recharge our batteries with positivity then challenges are met with CAN DO rather than a CAN’T DO attitude.

So the conclusion I have come to as I strive to be a better Crossfitter and a better coach is before tackling the next challenge is to pause and load up on positives, going into that heavy snatch thinking of all the snatches I have nailed rather the ones I haven’t is going to put me on the side of “I can and I will” as opposed to “I can’t and I wont”. We are all better than we think, let’s remind ourselves of that.

Coach Baz

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