You Get What You Give

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In everything…and every time

Sometimes when it comes to blogs I know exactly what I want to write about. My thoughts turn into words with what feels like consummate ease as I tackle the issue thats been bugging me or exciting me recently. Other times however, it rolls around to my time to blog and I’m left without inspiration. Staring at the screen or out the window looking for a topic or a theme. This was one of those times…

As such…it occurs to me that blogs don’t (necessarily) need to be long, passionate, well-researched pieces of shakespeare that change the world. For me, a blog simply needs to have a message.

Today my message comes from just one of the many things I’ve learned recently. Which as an aside, is 100% a direct result of rolling with some insightful and higher-order thinkers (you know who you are). Seriously though, go hang out with people way smarter than you. Surround yourself with them. See what happens. But I digress…

“You get what you give…In everything and every time!”

Simple message right? But as is so often the case the simplest things, though the most powerful, are the toughest to grasp and apply.

You get back, what you give out, and you better believe I’m talking about everything. Training, relationships, work, friendships, life…the lot.

You get back, what you give out.

This realisation, as it was for me…should be both a little scary and f*cking exciting. Exciting because most importantly, if nothing else, its puts you absolutely in control. There are no victims. No casualties of fate and no martyrs. You decide what you put out there, and as such you decide what you get back. You have the power.

You getting a raw deal? …..Check yourself!

Make sure that what you’re putting out to the universe is what you’re ready to receive. Dissatisfaction, want, anger, annoyance, negativity and impatience will only breed more of the same. I promise you that.

I write this now because it’s occurred to me recently that in some tough times of late, I’ve turned to the gym in a big way, and that’s no coincidence. It’s because Perpetua is a uniquely positive space. A place where I can remove myself from the negative thought patterns I can find myself locked into and surround myself with positive energy and people. In this sense my training has become a form of meditation. A way to reset my thinking and change the record in my head. I walk away from a session a little more at ease and a little more at peace and from that place I can start to build a positive outlook and approach. There are many, many reasons I train, but lately, this has been everything.

Spend a few moments and take stock of what you’re putting out there. Is it aligned with what you’re looking to receive and achieve? As I’ve said, I find nothing more effective than training to help me change my energy. But I can also say that a very good place to start is to run a little inventory on what you’re truly grateful for in life. Make a list, make it long and watch your energy change. Simple stuff.

I could talk forever about this, but as I’ve already mentioned, a blog doesn’t need to be a long, well-researched piece of shakespeare…which is lucky really.



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